I. Listen and circle (听录音,圈出正确答案) 10 %

1. ----Whats the matter with you?

----I have a headache.

2. ----How do you feel?

----I feel sad.

3. ----Are you taller than your brother?

----No, Im not. But he is stronger than me.

4. ----What did Chen Jie do last Monday?

----She drew pictures with her friends.

5. ----How did you go to Xinjiang?

----I went there by train.

II. Listen and choose.(听音,选择)10%

1. Mike is taller than Lee, but Sue is taller than Mike.

2. What was the matter with Sarah last night?

3. ----Where did you go yesterday afternoon, John?

----I went to the cinema.

----Did Wu Yifan go with you? 

----Yes, he did.

4. ----Did Amy have a cold?

----Yes, she did.

5. What is Sarah going to do next weekend?

III. Listen and fill in the blanks.(听音,填空)10%

1. The green bag is heavier than the blue one.

2. ----Whats the matter with you?

----My leg hurts.

3. Last Sunday, I played basketball with my friends in the morning and ate good food in the afternoon.

4. ----How did you go on your holiday?

----I went by plane.