Hello, everyone! It’s my great pleasure to have this chance to share my lesson with you. Today I feel extremely happy, because this is the first time I present myself in face of so many respectable experts.

I think after finishing my lesson, I have two big parts to illustrate, they are the successful parts and the unsuccessful ones.

About the successful parts :

First, during the whole class, I think my dear students have great interests in learning the knowledge. For example, At the beginning of the class, the students say the opposite adjective words and do the actions by following the music, they are active and have high energy to attend my class, we are so happy to get closed by this way. And I also designed some riddles they like to make the students interested in the class. For example: (It is big and grey. It has a big mouth. It likes to stay in the water. What is it?) The multi-media made students interested further in learning. During the whole class, the students were active all the time. They learned new knowledge in games, which made them feel that English learning can also be interesting. Because time is limited here, so I don’t want to list all such activities out again, but I think you have found them in my class.

Secondly, through this lesson, I think my dear students not only learn the English knowledge, the words and the sentences in the textbook, but also learn more knowledge about our daily life. As we know, to be a good teacher, you should have many different teaching aims: but one of the most important ones is to extend the students original knowledge. For example, in this lesson, I design these questions for the students to answer: (Where do camels live? How many days can camels live without food and water? Feet are bigger in the afternoon than they are in the morning. People are shorter when they are old. People grow faster when they sleep.)These questions are closed related to our life. By this way, the students learn more knowledge about the life they are very familiar with, so they can have self-confidence and interests in learning English in the future, I think.

Thirdly, during the whole lesson, I think more than 90% of my students can answer my questions and make dialogues loudly and clearly. They put up their hands constantly and spoke actively. That means one of purpose I design my lesson is to fit for most of my chilldren. They improved themselves in vocabulary, sentence patterns and text. In the last part of the class, I asked my students to present themselves and expressed their hopes by putting up their hope cards on the blessing-trees. I designed this activity to improve their self-confidence and their feeling of success. Now you see, I want to develop not only the children’s speaking skill, but also their many kinds of abilities. Such as imagination, creation, sense of humor and so on..

Of course, there must be several disadvantages in my teaching. For example, I know the interactions between students and me were not deep enough. I also need to improve my ability to respond to students in many fields. But I know if I teach by my heart, I can feel the richness and happiness in teaching even if I it’s not perfect.

Thank you!