Unit 6

by taxi坐出租车

by train坐火车

by plane坐飞机

by car坐小汽车

by minibus 坐中巴

on foot 步行

go by taxi 坐出租车去

go to the theatre去剧院

go to the library去图书馆

go there 去那儿

go to the park 去公园

go to the Great Wall去长城

go to Xi’an去西安

go to the supermarket去超市

go to the hospital by bus坐公交车去医院

this train for Shanghai去上海的火车

the plane for Beijing 去北京的航班

good idea 好主意

play football 踢足球

at/ in the school 在学校

be free 有空

I’m free. 我有空.

go to school by bike 骑自行车去学校

go to the zoo on foot步行去动物园

Let’s go by train.让我们坐火车去吧.

A: How do you go home?你是怎样回家的?

B:I go home on foot.我走回家.

A: How do we go to the airport?我们怎么去飞机场?

B: By car. 坐小车.

Shall we go to the station on foot? 我们步行去车站好吗?

Unit 7

at a snack bar在一家小吃店(快餐店)里

a hamburger一个汉堡包

how about---? ------怎么样?

a pie一个馅饼

some noodles 一些面条

Something to drink一些喝的东西

something to eat一些吃的东西

orange/apple juice 桔汁/苹果汁

Anything else? 还要别的东西吗?

a cup of coffee/ tea 一杯咖啡/茶

a glass of milk/ juice一杯牛奶/果汁

some chocolate 一些巧克力

some sweets一些糖果

some water 一些水

play basketball 打篮球

go and play basketball去打篮球

I’m hungry/thirsty. 我饿了/渴了.

some cakes 一些蛋糕