This is a story from A Dream of Red Mansions. Third Sister You, a very pretty and strong character, was the sister of jia Zhen's wife. When Jia Zhen, a play boy by nature, was tired of his wife, his eyes fell on the beautiful Third Sister. Collaborasted with his cousin Jia Lian they tried to seduce(引诱) the girl, only to be met with a harsh telling-off.


The two playboys, scared by this virtuous but unyielding(不屈的) girl, tried to marry her off as soon as possible. When the Third Sister fell in love with LiuXianglian, an actor who had once played opera in the residence, her sister, Jia Zhen's wife, told her that the young man had left town. But the Third Sister was determined. "I'll wait for him, one year or ten, it doesn's matter," she said."And if he dies I'll shave my hair and become a mun."


On a business trip in the capital, Jia Lian chanced to meet Liu. Jia told Liu of the Third Sister's wish. Liu aired his willingness on the spot. He asken Jia to give his mandarin duck(鸳鸯) sword to the girl as a token of his betrothal(订婚,婚约) . Feeling assured of her marriage and future, every day the girl looked several times affectionately at the sword she had hung by her bed. A few months later, Liu returned. When he saw the girl's beautiful looks, he grew suspicious of her virtue. "The men in the Jia family are all promiscuous(杂乱的) ," he thought."Why would this girl fall in love with me when she and I have never met?" He stepped back on the betrothal on a pretext that his aunt had betrothed him to sombody else and he came to retrieve his sword.


Third sister knew what was on his mind. Heart bleeding, she took the sword from the wall, unsheathed it and committed suicide before Liu, an act to show her virtue and unyieldingness. The regretful young man cried bitterly over her corpse. He spent the rest of his life as a priest in a Taoist temple.