Passage 3


My name is Tom .I am twelve years old. My birthday is in fall. The weather is cool and windy. It's golden and farmers are busy. It's my favourite season .Because I can eat many fruits. My father's birthday is in fall, too. Our birthdays are on the same day. On our birthdays we usually go hiking. Sometimes we have a picnic. We have a lot of fun on that day.

( )1、Tom is 12 .

( )2、Tom likes summer best.

( )3、Tom's father's birthday is in fall.

( )4、It's cool and windy on Tom's birthday .

( )5、Tom and his father usually have a picnic on their birthday.

Passage 4


Miss Tailor is a primary school teacher. All the students like her very much.Today is November 1st. In the evening,Miss Tailor gets two letters. One is a birthday card. It's from her student, Jack. It is a big surprise, because her birthday is the next month. The second letter is also from Jack. It says:”Dear Miss Tailor,I'm sorry for the birthday card.It is a mistake. Please don't read the card until next month.

( )1. Miss Tailor's birthday is in ______. A. November B. December

( ) 2. The birthday card is for ________. A. Miss Tailor B. Jack

( ) 3. Miss Tailor is a ____________. A. student B. teacher

( ) 4. The two letters are from _________. A. Jack B. Miss Tailor

( ) 5. Miss Tailor gets the letters ______. A. in the morning B. in the evening