Passage 1


My name is Betty. I live in China. I study in Shaihai No.6 Primary School. My birthday is not far. It's in August. On my birthday I often get up at 7:30. I buy a lot of food with my mother in the supermarket. Usually, I have a good time on my birthday. In the evening, I eat dinner at 6:00. Then I have a birthday party. At the party, we play games and eat a big birthday cake. I eat ice cream, too. It's my favourite.

( )1. When is Betty's birthday? A. In fall. B. In winter.

( )2. A supermarket is a _________. A. store B. playground

( )3. Is Betty happy on her birthday? A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn't.

( )4. Does Betty like to eat ice cream? A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn't.

( )5. What do they do in her party? A. They watch TV. B. They play games.

Passage 2


Today is Sunday, it is October now. Our class has a picnic in a nature park. There are three groups. The first group is collecting leaves, there are many golden leaves. The second group is catching butterflies, it is very interesting. And my group is taking pictures. We want to remember this wonderful day.

( )1. It's summer now.

( )2. Our class has a picnic in the nature park.

( )3. The third group is drawing pictures.

( )4. We are not having a good time.

( )5. The leaves are very beautiful.

Passage 3


My name is Tom .I am twelve years old. My birthday is in fall. The weather is cool and windy. It's golden and farmers are busy. It's my favourite season .Because I can eat many fruits. My father's birthday is in fall, too. Our birthdays are on the same day. On our birthdays we usually go hiking. Sometimes we have a picnic. We have a lot of fun on that day.

( )1、Tom is 12 .

( )2、Tom likes summer best.

( )3、Tom's father's birthday is in fall.

( )4、It's cool and windy on Tom's birthday .

( )5、Tom and his father usually have a picnic on their birthday.

Passage 4


Miss Tailor is a primary school teacher. All the students like her very much.Today is November 1st. In the evening,Miss Tailor gets two letters. One is a birthday card. It's from her student, Jack. It is a big surprise, because her birthday is the next month. The second letter is also from Jack. It says:”Dear Miss Tailor,I'm sorry for the birthday card.It is a mistake. Please don't read the card until next month.

( )1. Miss Tailor's birthday is in ______. A. November B. December

( ) 2. The birthday card is for ________. A. Miss Tailor B. Jack

( ) 3. Miss Tailor is a ____________. A. student B. teacher

( ) 4. The two letters are from _________. A. Jack B. Miss Tailor

( ) 5. Miss Tailor gets the letters ______. A. in the morning B. in the evening

Passage 5


Today is Teachers' Day. We don't go to school. It's sunny and cool. We are having a good time with Miss Wang in a nature park. She teaches us math. She's strict and smart, we all like her. Look! Fang Fang and LingLing are singing and dancing. Bin Bin is picking flowers with Dong Dong. Ming Ming is watching a rabbit. Is the rabbit sleeping? Oh, no, it's eating carrots. Miss Wang is cooking lunch for us. I'm helping her. I'm washing vegetables and fruit. How happy we are!

( ) 1. What's the date today? A. It's Sunday. B. It's September 10th.

( ) 2. Who's Miss Wang? A. She's our math teacher. B. She's strict and smart.

( ) 3. What can Fang Fang and Ling Ling do? 新课标第一网

A. They can sing and dance. B. They can pick flowers.

( ) 4. What's the rabbit doing? A. It's sleeping. B. It's eating carrots.

( ) 5. Are they having a good time? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren't.

Passage 6


There are many animals in the nature park. On the weekend, we go to the nature park with our teacher. Two pandas are climbing trees. Three birds are singing. Two tigers are fighting on the grass. The monkeys are swinging.

There is a hill in the park. Some students are in the woods. Chen Jie is catching insects. Zhang Peng and Mike are playing chess. Where is Sarah? Oh! She is watching the ants. They are eating the honey.

( ) 1. There are many people in the nature park.

( ) 2. Two tigers are walking on the grass.

( ) 3. The pandas are swinging.

( ) 4. The ants are eating honey.

( ) 5. Mike is playing sports.

Passage 7


Ths is is a picture of twin's house . The twins have a big apple tree near their house . A table is under the teee . Some red apples are on the table . Look ! Lucy is putting the red apples into a basket . Lily is playing games under the tree . You can see many apples on the tree . Some are red and some are green . Their mother and father are carrying (运) a basket of apples home .

( ) 1 . The twins have tree . A . a red B . an apple C . a green

( ) 2 . There is a table .A . near the tree B . behind the house C . under the tree

( ) 3 . is playing games under the tree . A . Lucy B . Lily C . the twins

( ) 4 . There are on the tree

A . some apples B . no apples C . some red apples and some gree apples

( ) 5 . Their father and mother are .

A . putting apples under the tree B . picking apples in the tree

C . carrying a basket of apples home

Passage 8


My name is Amy. I'm from America. I usually get up at 6:30, and I often go hiking on the weekend. I like spring best. It's windy and warm. And I like winter, too. Because my birthday is in December, and I can play with snow. Today my parents are going shopping. My brother is swinging in the garden. I'm watching TV. Do you want to be my friend? My QQ number is 408981124, and my telephone number is 6678115.

( )1. Amy often goes hiking .A. on Sunday B. in spring C. on the weekend

( )2. Which is Amy's favourite season?A. Spring B. Winter C. Spring and winter

( )3. Why does Amy like winter? Because .

A. her birthday is in December B. she can play with snow C. A and B.

( )4. Is Amy's brother going shopping? A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't.

C. Yes, he is swinging in the garden.

( )5.What is Amy's telephone number?

A. 408981124 B. 6678115 C. 408981124 and 6678115

Passage 9


It's seven o'clock in the evening now . Everyone is at home . My father usually writes a letter to my uncle , but now he is wrting an e-mail . My mother is cooking in the kitchen . My sister is doing homework in the study . What about my brother ? Oh ! He's watching TV with me in the living room . “Mew ! Mew !” Oh , my cat is hungry . She is eating fish behind me .

( ) 1. I am watching TV .

( ) 2.My mother is cooking lunch now .

( ) 3. My father usually writes an e-mail to my uncle .

( ) 4.My brother is in the study .

( ) 5. My cat is eating fish in the living room .

Passage 10


I am Dick . I'm a policeman . I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening . Then I go to work at 9:00 in the evening . I go home at 5:00 in the morning . I eat breakfast at 6:00 . Then I go to bed . I usually get up at 12:00 noon . I play sports at about 3:00 in the afternoon . I am a good policeman . That's my day .

( ) 1. I am a __________ . A. cleaner B. policeman

( ) 2. I usually go to work at __________. A. 7:00 B. 9:00

( ) 3. I go home at _________ . A. 5:00 B . 6:00 .

( ) 4. Does Dick usually play football in the evening? A.Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn't .

( ) 5.Is Dick a good policeman ? A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't.

Passage 11


Today is Children's Day. The students are very happy and busy. They are in the classroom now.They are having a big party.Chen jie is singing and dancing.Amy is drinking water.Jim is eating a big apple. There are many fruits in front of him.Sarah is watching TV.Zhang Peng is talking to Jack. What is the teacher doing?She's writing “Happy Children's Day” on the board. Everybody has a good time today.

( )1、What's the date today? A.June 1st . B.Oct. 1st

( )2、Where are the students now? A. They are in the park. B.They are in the classroom.

( )3、What's Amy doing? A.She's singing and dancing. B. She's drinking water.

( )4、Do the students have a good time? A.Yes,they do. B.No,they don't.

( )5、Are there many fruits in the classroom? A.Yes,there are. B.No,there aren't.

Passage 12


Today is Sunday. The sun is bright. The students of Grade Five are having a field trip. Look! The butterflies are flying. The birds are singing. Jack and Kate are drawing pictures near the river. Amyis reading a book. Peter, John and Tom are picking up leaves in the woods. Chen Jie is flying kites. What about Sarah ? Oh, she is writing a report. What a good time they are having !

( ) 1. The students are in Grade Four.

( ) 2. They are having a party.

( ) 3. There are some butterflies there.

( ) 4. Jack and Tom are drawing pictures.

( ) 5. They are very happy.

Passage 13


I am Lucy. I come from USA. I have a happy family. There are six people in my family. They are my grandpa,grandma,father,mother,my sister and me. I am 11 years old now. My birthday is on Children's Day. On that day, I can eat birthday cakes. I can go to the Children's Center,too. I am very happy on my birthday. I like winter best. It often snows in America in winter. I can skate and make a snowman.

( ) 1. There are 6 people in my family.

( ) 2.My birthday is June 1st.

( ) 3. I am happy on Children's Day.

( ) 4. I don't like winter.

( )5. It often snows in America in summer.

Passage 14


There are many animals in the nature park. On the weekend, we go to the nature park with our teacher. Two pandas are climbing trees. Three birds are singing. Two tigers are fighting on the grass. The monkeys are swinging.

There is a hill in the park. Some students are in the woods. Chen Jie is catching insects. Zhang Peng and Mike are playing chess. Where is Sarah? Oh! She is watching the ants. They are eating the honey.

( ) 1.There are many people in the nature park.

( ) 2.Two tigers are walking on the grass.

( ) 3.The pandas are swinging.

( ) 4. The ants are eating the honey.

( ) 5.Mike is playing sports.

Passage 15


On weekends, I visit my grandparents with my father and mother. In the morning, we usually go and have breakfast in the canteen. Then we have a big dinner at grandfather's home. We go back to our home at 5:00. My father likes watching TV. My mother likes calling to her friends. I usually do my homework and read books.

( )1、My parents and I often go hiking on weekends.

( )2、I have dinner with my grandparents at grandmother's home.

( )3、My father likes doing sports in the evening.

( )4、I read books on the weekend.

( )5、My grandparents often watch TV with my father.

Passage 16


My name is Tom.I am a policeman.I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.Then I go to work at 9:00. I work at night. I go home at 5:00 in the morning.I eat breakfast at 6:00.Then I go to bed at 6:20.I often get up at 12:00 at noon.I eat lunch at 2:30.I play sports at about 3;00 in the afternoon.I watch TV at 6:30.This is my day.I enjoy my work.What about yours?

( )1、What is Tom's job? A. He is a policeman. B.He is a teacher.

( )2、When does Tom go to work? A. At 9:00a.m. B. At 9:00p.m.

( )3、Does Tom work at night? A. Yes, he does. B. No,he doesn't.

( )4、When does Tom play sports? A. At 3:00 in the morning. B.At 3:00 in the afternoon.

( )5、What is the Chinese meaning of “enjoy”? A. 厌恶. B. 喜欢.

Passage 17


Sanya is a beautiful city.The buildings are tall.The trees are tall, too.Summer is the favourite season for many people in Hainan.It's hot and sunny.The boys and girls can wear their sunglasses and beautiful T-shirt.They can swim,too.The favourite drink in Hainan is coconut(椰子)juice.It's fresh and sweet.It's very delicious.Spring is warm in Hainan.Fall is cool.It seems(似乎)that there is no winter in Hainan.It is often warm and cool in winter there.It's not cold.

( )1、Where is Sanya? A. It's in Guangdong. B.It's in Hainan.

( )2、Which season do people like best in Hainan? A. Spring. B. Summer.

( )3、What's the weather like in winter in Hainan? A. It's warm and cool. B. It's very cold.

( )4、What's the favourite drink in Hainan? A. Orange juice. B.Coconut juice.

( )5、People can wear in summer in Hainan. A.Sunglassses and T-shirt. B. Hats and coats

Passage 18


Hello, friends! I'm Lisa.I am an active girl. I have many friends and they're my classmates.Today is National Day.And it's my birthday,too.I get up early and clean my room.I invite my friends Amy, Joy and Sarah to my home.We have a birthday party.I know Amy's birthday is next month.Joy's birthday is in December. Sarah's birthday is January 1st.

( )1、What's the date today? A. August 1st. B.October 1st.

( )2、When is Amy's birthday? A. It's in September. B. It's in November.

( )3、What is the Chinese meaning of“invite”? A.邀请 B. 请求.

( )4、Is Sarah's birthday on New Year's Day? A. Yes, it is. B. No,it isn't.

( )5、I am . A.quiet. B. active

Passage 19


Hi,my name is Mary.It is spring now.But my favourite season is summer.I often wear my skirts and T-shirts.Sometimes I wear my jeans.In summer it is often sunny and hot.Sometimes it's rainy in summer.I like swimming, so I usually swim with my friends on weekends in summer.In summer,I like eating ice-creams.They are delicious.I like summer so much.It brings so many wonderful things to me.

( )1、Which season does Mary like best? A. Spring B. Summer. C. Fall

( )2、What doesn't Mary wear in summer? She doesn't wear

A. skirts B. jeans. C. sweater

( )3、What is the weather like in summer? It's A. sunny B. rainy. C. I don't know

( )4、Mary usually swims with on weekends.

A.her classmates B. her friends C. her family

( )5、What is not the reason(原因)why Mary likes summer?

A.Skating B. Swimming C. Eating ice-creams

Passage 20


It's a Sunday morning.It's sunny.There are many people in the park.Some students are playing games over there.Two boys are playing football.A girl is flying a kite.Two children are running on the grass.

There is a house near the lake.Beside the house two men are working.A woman is watering the flowers.The flowers are very beautiful.

( )1、Where are the students?

A. They are playing game. B. They are near the park. C. In the park.

( )2、What is the girl doing?

A. I'm flying a kite. B.She's flying a kite. C. She's playing football.

( )3、Is there a lake near a house? A. Yes, there is. B. Yes, it is. C. No, there isn't.

( )4、Are the men walking?

A.Yes, he is. B. Yes,they are. C. No, they aren't.

( )5、What's the weather like on Sunday morning?

A.It's sunny. B. It's Sunday. C. It's summer.

Passage 21


Today is a fine day.My mom takes me to the zoo.There are many animals in the zoo.Look!There are two tigers.They are walking.Two rabbits are running and a lion is sleeping.I like monkeys best.They are swinging now.They like eating yellow bananas.Sometimes they climb trees.They are very good climbers.Sometimes they jump up and down.

( )1、I go to the zoo with today. A. my father. B. my mother. C. my grandma.

( )2、What are the rabbits doing now? They are .

A. walking B.running C. jumping up and down

( )3、What is my favourite animal? . A. Monkeys. B. Lions. C. Tigers.

( )4、What are the monkeys doing now? They are .

A. jumping up and down B. eating yellow bananas C. swinging

( )5、 are good climbers.

A.The rabbits B. The monkeys C. The tigers

Passage 22


My English teacher is Miss Chen.She is pretty and active.I love to have English class.Every weekend, Miss Chen plays with us.Today is December 25th.It's Sunday.We are playing in the woods.We can see some animals.Look! The monkeys are climbing trees.The pandas are eating bamboos.The rabbits are jumping.Mother kangaroo and baby kangaroo are sleeping.What are he children doing? Yanyan and Sarah are collecting leaves.Mike is taking pictures.“Run away,children.The tigers are fighting!”Says Miss Chen.Oh,how funny!

( )1、Who is Miss Chen? A. She is a Chinese teacher. B. She is an English teacher.

( )2、Today is December 25th, so it's . A. Christmas Day B.Teacher's Day

( )3、Are there any animals in the woods? A. Yes, there are. B. No, there aren't.

( )4、What are the kangaroos doing? A.They are jumping. B. They are sleeping.

( )5、The students Miss Chen. B. don't like

Passage 23


It's nine o'clock in the evening.The families are at home.Jim's father is sitting in a chair.He's watching TV.His mother is standing near the windows.She's giving some food to the bird, Polly.Polly says,“Thanks!Thanks!”Where's Jim? Oh, he's behind the door.Kate is looking for him.They are playing games.There is no homework on Sunday evening.

( )1、There are people in Jim's family. A. four B. five

( )2、Who is watching TV in a chair? A. Jim's mother B.Jim's father

( )3、Jim is Kate's . A. good friend B.

( )4、The children doing their homework. A.aren't B. are

( )5、What's Kate doing? A.She's doing her homework. B.She's playing games.