Passage 1


My name is Betty. I live in China. I study in Shaihai No.6 Primary School. My birthday is not far. It's in August. On my birthday I often get up at 7:30. I buy a lot of food with my mother in the supermarket. Usually, I have a good time on my birthday. In the evening, I eat dinner at 6:00. Then I have a birthday party. At the party, we play games and eat a big birthday cake. I eat ice cream, too. It's my favourite.

( )1. When is Betty's birthday? A. In fall. B. In winter.

( )2. A supermarket is a _________. A. store B. playground

( )3. Is Betty happy on her birthday? A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn't.

( )4. Does Betty like to eat ice cream? A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn't.

( )5. What do they do in her party? A. They watch TV. B. They play games.

Passage 2


Today is Sunday, it is October now. Our class has a picnic in a nature park. There are three groups. The first group is collecting leaves, there are many golden leaves. The second group is catching butterflies, it is very interesting. And my group is taking pictures. We want to remember this wonderful day.

( )1. It's summer now.

( )2. Our class has a picnic in the nature park.

( )3. The third group is drawing pictures.

( )4. We are not having a good time.

( )5. The leaves are very beautiful.