Jack Brown,an office worker,lives in Washington.He inherited(继承) a million dollars when he was 23,but he wasn’t happy at all.When his college friends were looking for their jobs,he didn’t have to.Jack decided to living a simple life like everyone else.He gave 10,000 of his money to a charity(慈善机构)to help poor children live a better life.Today he is 36.He still wears cheap shoes and clothes and drives a small car only,but he is very happy.

Up to now Jack has helped some children from poor countries all over the world,by sending them each $200 a mouth.The money was used for the children’s study, food, medicine and clothing.Jack receives a report each year on the children’s progress(进步)。They can write to each other.but usually the children do not speak English.

When Jack first heard about these children,he wanted to help them.“It was nothing special,” he said.“Once Jack went to meet a little girl in Africa.He said that the meeting was very exciting.“When I met her.I felt very ,very happy.”he said.“Ana I saw that the money was used for a good cause.It brought me happiness.I want to do everything I can to go on helping those children.”Until I went to these countries and met the children I was helping,I didn’t know anything about their life.”