This is an episode from the novel Strange Tales from Make-Do Strdio. An Daye turned out to be out-standingly clever while he was very young. He was also very handsome. His parents loved him very much and regarded him as a precious pearl on their palms. They hoped that their son would be successful in his career and thereby glorify his ancestors. Neighbors in the village vied each other to marry their daughters to An Daye. One night, Daye's mother had a dream which told her that a princess would marry her son. So, Daye's mother gratefully declined all marriage offers. Yet several years had passed and there was still not the marriage suggested by the dream. Daye's mother began to regret declining all the marriage offers by her neighbors.

One day shile Daye was reading, a graceful young lady walked into his room accompanied by several maids. The young lady introduced herself as Princess Yunluo from the official residence of Shenghou. Daye was pleasantly surprised. Daye and the princess sat down to play a board game. The princess was so good that she defeated Daye several games in a row. After the game, the princess stood up and prepared to leave. Daye was reluctant to part with the princess. Princess Yunluo gave Daye 50 kilograms of gold and told him to build a new house with the money. She promised to come again after the house was built.