(1) Am--was Is --was Are--were 口诀:我用am, 你用are, is用在他她它,复数全用are。

(2) 肯定和否定句 I am (not) from London. He is(not) a teacher. She is(not) in the dining room. My hair is(not) long. Her eyes are(not) small.

(3) 一般疑问句 Am I a Chinese? Yes, you are. No, you aren’t. Are they American? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. Is the cat fat? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.


1. I ______ a boy. ______ you a boy? No, I _____ not.

2. The girl______ Jack's sister.

3. The dog _______ tall and fat.

4. The man with big eyes _______ a teacher.

5. ______ your brother in the classroom?

6. Where _____ your mother? She ______ at home.

7. How _______ your father?

8. Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school.

9. Whose dress ______ this?

10. Whose socks ______ they?

11. That ______ my red skirt.