T: Now look what's happened? Can you use the target languages we have learned today and make up some new dialogues in groups? Each group can choose one situation.(学生根据教师提供的情景,创生语言,进行会话表演。)


S1: (crying) Mum, Mum!

S2: What's the matter with you?

S1: I can't find my mum. I can't go home.

S3: Don't worry. We can help you. What's your name?

S1: My name is Tom.

S3: What grade are you in?

S1: I am in Grade Five.

S2: Where do you live?

S1: I live at No. 10 Dali Road.

S3: Oh, I see. It's near my home. We can take you home.



S2: Look, is it your home?

S1: Yes, thank you very much.

S2&S3: You are welcome.

Group 2:

S1: Taxi!

S2: Good morning, Sir. Where are you going?

S1: I am going home.

S2: Where do you live?

S1: I live on Yingkou Road.

S2: Really? We live near each other. I live at No. 3 Yingkou Road.

S2: Great. I live at No. 18 Yingkou Road.


S2: Here you are!

S1: Thank you so much.

S2: You are welcome.