Unit 7

Aim and Demands:

1.  四会单词:chips, biscuits, sweets, noodles

2.  复习单词:pies, sandwiches, hamburgers, juice, milk, chocolate

3.  新增句子:How about you?

Something to drink?

一、Free talk

T: Good morning, class.

Ss: Good morning, Miss Liang.

T: Today I’m very happy, because today is my birthday. Welcome to my birthday party. Can you sing a song for me?

Ss: Happy birthday to you. (sing)

T: Thank you.

Look, I prepared so many food for my party. Now, Lets look at what’s in it, Ok?

Ss: Ok.

T: (打开第一个)Oh, what are these?

S1: Some sandwiches.

T: Yes, some sandwiches.

Sandwiches. (show a picture)

S1: Sandwiches. (Let Ss read this word one by one)

The same way to teach : pies, hamburgers, chocolate

T: Ok. Let’s go on. Oh, what are theses?

It’s a new word. Now, listen carefully, sweets, sweets, (show a picture)

Hands up

S1: Sweets. T: Very good.

S2: Sweets.

S3: Sweets.

T: Wonderful. Who can spell this word?

S1: Sweets, sweets

T: Very good. S-w-e-e-t-s, sweets.

Ss: S-w-e-e-t-s, sweets. (贴在黑板上)

The same way to teach : chips, biscuits, noodles


T: And at last. Let’s look at what’s this?

A bottle of juice, And a … of milk.

(show two pictures) juice

Choose some Ss to read

Milk, milk

Choose some Ss to read

T: Ok. Let’s read those words again.

Sandwiches, pies, hamburgers, chocolates,

Sweets, chips, biscuits, noodles, juice, milk

Wow, so many food. S1, what would you like?

S1: I’d like …

T: S2, what would you like?

S2: I’d like … , please.

T: Ok. Here you are.