Unit 1 The king’s new clothes


1. long long ago 很久以前

2. new clothes 新衣服

3. make new clothes for you 为你制作新衣服 make sth for sb

4. show the king his new clothes给皇帝展示新衣服

show sb. sth.= show sth. to sb.

5. try on 试穿 try on the coat=try the coat on

try it/them on

6. magic clothes 有魔力的衣服

7. walk through步行穿过

8. in his new clothes 穿着他的新衣服

9. shout at sb. 对某人大叫

10. laugh at sb. 对某人大笑

11. look at 看….

12. point at 指向…

13. fit well 非常适合

14. an American cowboy 一个美国牛仔

15. a Scottish man 一位苏格兰人

16. tell a story 讲一个故事

17. say a/one sentence 说一句话

18. on the mountain 在山上

19. the next sentence 下一句话

20. live in the house 住在房子里

21. tell the boy a story 给这个男孩讲一个故事 tell sb. sth.

22. it is one’s turn 某人的机会

23. think hard 努力思考

24. have to 不得不 have to do sth.

25. in front of 在….前面(外部) in the front of 在… 前面 (内部)