One day, seated in the ancestral hall, King Hui of Liang saw a man leading an ox pass by. He asked:


"Where are you taking the ox?"


The man leading the ox stopped and answered:


"I am taking it to be slaughtered and will use its blood to paint the bell."


As King Hui heard this, he felt pity for the ox and said:


"How can that be done? You are too cruel. Let it go at once. It is not guilty. How can you kill it? I cannot bear to see it panic-stricken, shedding tears and trembling before its death."


The man leading the ox asked:


"Do you mean that I shall let the ox go and not paint the bell? Is that it?"


King Hui answered:


"What are you saying? How can you not paint the bell! Let the ox go, but use a sheep instead."