Once upon a time, there was a monkey that met a crab and they travelled together in the jungle.

很久很久以前,有一只猴子和一只螃蟹相遇了,它们结伴到 森林里去游玩。

the active monkey found a fruit seed and the crab found a rice ball.

蹦蹦跳跳的猴子忽然捡到一颗果实的种子,而螃 蟹则捡到一只饭团子。

the monkey was greedy and said to the crab, 'dear crab, let us exchange what we have! "


the crab agreed, so the monkey exchanged his seed for the crab's rice ball. he quickly swallowed the rice ball.


as for the crab, he went back home and sowed the seed in the open field in front of his house.


every day, he watered the plant carefully. the plant grew day by day. when summer came, the crab took shelter under the tree that was now filled with branches and leaves.

它每天 都很细心地浇水、施肥。 树一天天长,大夏天来了,螃蟹在枝叶茂盛的树下乘凉到了秋天

when autumn came, the tree was fully grown with fruit. the crab was able to enjoy the fruit every year.

树上结满了丰硕的果实。从此以后,螃蟹年年都 有果子吃。