Step two: Presentation and practice.

1. T: Point to the tree.

S: (listen and do)

T: What’s this?

S: A present.

T: Yes. Open the present. (Do actions)

S: A tree!

T: Yes. A green tree.再话一棵树。Two trees.

S: Listen and say.

T: Look! What colour? (The star on the tree)

S: It’s yellow.

T: It’s a yellow star.

T: Star, a yellow star.

S: (Listen and say)

T: 2 star(s)

S: Stars.

T: This is a bell. (从树上取下) It’s yellow too.

T: Bell. Bells.

S: (listen and say)

T: A bell. In the tree.

S: (在第一单元学习过in-in Shanghai)在树上。

T: It’s in the tree.

S: (listen and say)

T: Show me you pencil.

S: OK.

T: In the pencil-box/ book/ ...

2. 同法教授on, under

Step three: Consolidation.

1. Play a game:

Teacher says ‘under the desk.”, the students should put the things under the desk.

2. Take out the word cards and ask some individual to read them out.

Step four: homework.

1. 听读P29内容15分钟并背诵。

2. 预习P27.

The second period

1. Teaching contents (P27)

New word: room

Main structures: Put…in…/ Put…on…/ Put…under…

2. Teaching procedures

Step one: warming up

1. Greetings.

2. Listen and do.