am, is-was, are-were, do-did, see-saw, say-said, give-gave, get-got, go-went, come-came, have-had, eat-ate, take-took, run-ran, sing-sang, put-put, make-made, read-read, write-wrote, draw-drew, drink-drank, fly-flew, ride-rode, speak-spoke, sweep-swept, swim-swam, sit-sat



is\am_________ fly_______ plant________ are ________

drink_________ play_______ go________ make ________

does_________ dance________ worry________ ask _____

taste_________ eat__________ draw________ put ______

throw________ kick_________ pass_______ do ________




1. I _______ at school just now.

2. He ________ at the camp last week.

3. We ________ students two years ago.

4. They ________ on the farm a moment ago.

5. Yang Ling ________ eleven years old last year.

6. There ________ an apple on the plate yesterday.

7. There ________ some milk in the fridge on Sunday.

8. The mobile phone ____ on the sofa yesterday evening.

1. was 2. was 3. were 4. were 5. was 6. was 7. was 8. was


1. It was exciting.