1. Like + 动名词 如:like swimming

2. Like + 名词的复数 如:like masks

3. go + 动名词 如:go climbing

4. How many + 名词复数 如: how many watches

5. different + 名词复数 如:different countries

6. Same 前加the , 后面一般跟单数,如: the same hobby

7. 序数词前一定加the ,如:the first day

8. 在几点用 at, 如 at 7 o’clock ,在某一天或某一天的具体时间段用on ,如:on Sunday, on Sunday morning, 直接在早上、下午或晚上用in,如:in the morning

9. 动词后代词用宾格(动宾)如:join me

10. 介词后代词用宾格(介宾)如:with him ,to her

11. want to +动原 , would like to + 动原 , sorry to + 动原 ,forget to + 动原,

it’s time to + 动原,

12. 情态动词can后面加动原,let 后加动原


14. 助动词(do does don’t doesn’t)后动词用原形

15.形容词加名词(形名) 如: a beautiful girl

16.动词加副词(动副) 如: dance beautifully

17.Some 用于肯定句,any 用于否定句

18.There be 结构就近原则 如:There is a teacher and some students in the classroom.

19.不可数名词:water coffee tea milk juice bread rice food fruit paper chocolate exercise fish

20.乐器前加the, 球类前不加the, (play the 乐器,play 球类)如:play the piano, play football

21.Who 当作特殊的第三人称单数