Unit 1 I get up at seven o’clock.

Function: 1.Talking about “time”.

2. Enable the Ss to say “get up” “go to school” “have lunch” “go home” “watch TV” “go to bed”.

Teaching points: Grasp the important words and phrases.

一、 Warming up

1. Greetings: T: Hello, boys and girls.

Ss: Hello, Miss Yang.

T: What day is it today?

Ss: Today is …….

T: Are you happy?

Ss: Yes, we are.

2. Saying a chant

One, two, three, four.

Come in please and close the door.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Go to school and don’t be late.

Nine, ten, nine, ten.

Learn English again and again.

3. Singing: “Good morning Sam?’’

二、 New concept.

1. T: Oh, you are so clever. Today, let us learn Module 5 Time Unit 1 I get up at seven O’clock. (Writing and Reading)

T: Hello, boys and girls. What’s this?

Ss:It’s a clock.

T: You are so clever.

T: Do you know? What’s the time? (Explain in Chinese)

Ss: 8: 10

T: How to say in English?

Ss: I don’t know.

T: Ok, I will tell you. It's eight ten .表示8点过10 分。或者ten past eight .(past 在这里指几点过几分未超过30)

T: When do you get up? (Explain in Chinese 并做出动作)