101. 40.Jane said she would come here ________ 9:00 and 9:30 tomorrow morning. A. fromB. atC. betweenD. around.

答案: C (选择B的同学没有把体看完整; 选择A的同学没有注意到from…to…的搭配。)

102. It's spring now. The students ________ trees these weeks. A. plantB. are plantingC. will plantD. planted

答案: B (选择A注意 these weeks 并不表示经常做某事,而是强调这几个星期同学们一直在种树。)

103. Must I finish it now?-- No, you ________.A. mustn'tB. needn'tC. can'tD. shouldn't.

答案: B (选择A的同学要注意mustn't意思指不允许, needn't指的是不必要。)

104. Though it's cloudy now, it _________ get sunny later.A. can B. mayC. mustD. need

答案: B ( 选C的同学要注意语境, 这里强调过些时候也许会晴天, 表示推测性。)

105. It is in the library, you _______ talk loudly.A. may notB. can'tC. needn'tD. mustn't

答案: D ( 选择B的同学要注意中文的干扰。can't表示不能够。)

106. If anyone wants to say something in class, you ________ put up your hands first. A. mustB. mayC. shouldD. can.