Unit 4 Goodbye

(The first period)

Teaching aims and demands:

1.   能听懂,会说以下几种祈使句,并能运用所学祈使句进行交际。

Get up.   Go to school.

Go home.   Go to bed.

2.   能听懂,会说以下三种告别用语,并能在真实的交际场景中自然运用。

Goodbye.  See you.  Good night.

Key points: 使学生能在情境中,听懂、会说祈使句和告别用语。

Teaching tools: a tape-recorder  a clock

Teaching procedure:

I.      Organization.

1.  Greetings.

2.  Free talk.

Good morning/ Good afternoon.

What’s your name?

Nice to meet you.

Can you introduce your desk mate to me?

What’s this? (Show some fruits)

What do you like?

3.   Say a rhyme: “They are all very good!”

II.     Presentation.

1.  Open your English book and turn to page 24, then look at the four pictures, guess what happened?

2.  Listen to the tape twice.

3.  Read after the tape sentence by sentence.

(1) — Get up, David.

— All right.

(2) — Go to school now, Nancy.

— Ok, Dad. Goodbye.

(3) — Go home now, David.

— All right. See you, Miss Li.

(4) — Go to bed now, Nancy.

— Ok. Good night, Mum.

4.  Read together.

5.  Say something important. (Show a clock)

1)  Get up.

Go to school.

Go home.

Go to bed.

2)  Goodbye.

See you.

Good night.

3)  All right.


6.  Read these dialogues by themselves.

7.  Make up a dialogue in pairs.

III.    Consolidation.

(i)   Great an enviroment.

a.   In the morning, at home.

b.  In the afternoon, at school.