1. Take the one-way street.


2. You will stay on the street for a while until you hit the first traffic light。

你会走一会儿, 直到你遇到第一个红绿灯。

3. Then take a left. 向左转。

4. It will be Hemphill Ave. It’s two-lane traffic.


5. Come down Hemphill Ave about five blocks.


6. You will see a BP gas station on your left.

在你的左手边你会看到一座 BP 加油站。

7. Keep going 50 yards before you come to a fork road.

继续走 50 码, 直到你走到一个三叉路口。

8. Make a right, pass two stop signs and you will run into a Wal Mart.

向右转, 经过二个 Stop sign, 你就会遇到 Wal Mart。

9. The post office is just right across the street of it.

邮局就在Wal Mart的正对面。

10. Mr. Yang’s house is behind the post office.