My favourite season




Part II Listening 40%

I. Listen and choose (听录音选出你听到的单词或词组)10%

( ) 1. A. hair
B. hear
C. her
( ) 2.A. rough
B. roof
C. root
( )3. A.prawn
B. brown
C. can
( )4.A. mouse
B. monkey
C. mouth
( ) 5. A. its
B. it’s
C. yes
( )
B. horse
C. has
( )7.A.small
B. smell
C. sweet
( ) lime
B. your lemon
C. her fish
( )9.A.two pandas
B. two pencils
C. two pictures
( )10.A.two big eyes
B. two small eyes
C. two big ears

II. Listen and choose (选出你所听到单词的反义词):5%

( ) 1. A. big
B. small
C. little
( ) 2. A. this
B. these
C. those
( ) 3. A. hot
B. cold
C. cool
( ) 4. A. put on
B. take off
C. turn off
()5.A.turn on
B. sit down
C. put down

III. Listen and choose(听录音选择最恰当的应答句)8%

( ) 1. A. It's an orange hat.
B. It's orange.
C. They're oranges.
( ) 2. A. I like spring.
B.Yes, I like spring.
C. No, I like spring.
( ) 3. A. Take my hat.
B. Thank you.
C. Here it is.
( ) 4. A. It's in the tree.
B. It’s in the sky.
C. It’s in the box.
( ) 5. A. I can ski on the snow.
B. I can swim.
C. I can fly a kite.
( ) 6. A.They’re red and black.
B. They are circles.
C. It’s a circle.
( ) 7. A. Yes, I like snow.
B. I like snow.
C. No, I don’t.
( ) 8. A. Six.
B. Six yuan.
C. They are six.

IV. Listen and order(听录音将下列句子按听到的顺序,用数字1—6表示)6%

( ) The park is beautiful. There are many flowers in it.

( ) We have fun in the park.

( ) We can see green trees in the park. They are tall.

( ) Today is Sunday. It is warm.

( ) We have a picnic under the big tree.

( ) Alice, Peter and I go to the park together.

V. Listen and judge (听录音判断下面的句子与录音内容是否一致,一致用“T”表示,不一致用“F”表示)5%

( )1. The sun is shining.

( )2. The sky is grey on the sunny day.

( )3. We are at the beach.

( )4. Ben likes swimming in the sea.

( )5. We are happy.

VI. Listen and fill in the missing words(听录音,填入所缺单词)6%

Spring is warm. Sometimes it’s rainy. The ________ grow and grow. It’s the __________ for planting. Sometimes it’s warm and shiny in spring. The sky is blue. The clouds are __________. The flowers are _____________. We like _________ kites and ________ bicycles too. It’s fun.