1) Do you want ________(somesoup) cakes?

2) Don‘t ________(cleanclimb) the tree.

3) There is some soup in the ________(bowlglass).

4) Spotty is ________(onunder) the sofa.

5) At night, I brush my ________(face eeth).

二.  阅读部分:60%

1. Think and write(想一想,写出下列小写字母的邻居)10%

1) ___ ___c  2) ___ f ___   3) p ___ ___

4) ___ s___  5) ___ ___z

2. Finish the words (完成下列单词) 15%

l___nch  bre___kf___ ___t  t___me wa___c ___  d___nne___

sch___o___  nigh___  d___y  clo___k  fi___e

3. Read and circle (读单词,圈出不同类的词) 5%

1) three   tree   four   five

2) shirt   socks   snow   tie

3) tree   under   in   on

4) spoon   meat   soup   fish

5) panda   hot dog   horse   dog

4. Read and circle(根据图片圈出正确的句子)5%

1)         2)

A. The policeman is fat.    A. Spotty can jump.

B. He is a postman.     B. The cat can climb the tree.

3)         4)

A. The wind is blowing.    A. I see a lamp on the table.

B. It’s summer.      B. The book is under the desk.


A. In my room, there‘s a bed.

B.That’s a big sofa.