1) be the cat’s whiskers 了不起的人、东西等(猫的胡须对于猫来说是非常重要的)

He thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers. 他自命不凡。

2) a cat-and-dog life (在一起居住)经常吵架的生活(取猫和狗不能和睦相处之义)

The husband and wife have lived a cat-and-dog life all through their life. 这夫妻俩吵架吵了一辈子。

3)Curiosity killed the cat. (谚语,用来劝慰某人不要过分好奇。)

4)Let the cat out of the bag. (无意中)泄密;漏马脚

I wanted mother’s present to be a secret, but my sister let the cat out of the bag. 给母亲的礼物我原想保密,可是妹妹漏了马脚。

5)like a cat on hot bricks 非常紧张;像热锅上的蚂蚁;如坐针毡

He was like a cat on hot bricks before the driving test. 他面临驾驶考试,紧张得像热锅上的蚂蚁。

6)play cat and mouse / play a cat-and-mouse game with somebody 对某人时好时怀,忽冷忽热

If you keep playing cat and mouse with your boyfriend, he’ll get another girl. 要是你总是作弄你的男朋友,他会爱上别的姑娘的。

7)put / set the cat among the pigeons 引狼入室;引来可能招惹是非或麻烦的人或事