Ⅶ. Read, choose and write. (读一读,选一选,写一写。)(10分)

1. Will we ________ pears? Yes.

2. Maybe I’ll be a ___________.

3. Is there a __________ there? Yes.

4. Look at this book.It’s about_______.

5. What’s ten plus ten? ___________. 20

Ⅷ. Read and write.( 根据图片填上缺少的单词补全句子。)(10分)

1. ______ you go to the park tomorrow?

No, I ______.

2.Xiaoyong is very_______ . But he’s a bit_________.

3.This river is very _______. And it’s very ______.

4. _____ ____ my favourite fruit.

5. We will see ________ and ________.

Ⅸ. Write the sentences correctly. (请按正确形式书写句子。)(10分)

1. this is Big Ben 2.maybe I’ll be a writer

3. will you go too Daming 4. no we won’t

5. shy but a bit is she

Ⅹ. Read and circle.(读一读,回答问题并圈出正确答案前的字母标号。)(10分)

After dinner, the children are talking about what they want to be in the future. Amy says ,‘I will be a modle(模特). I want to wear beautifil clothes.’ Jack says,‘I will make a lot of money. I want to be a banker.’ Simon says, ‘I am going to be a teacher. I love children.’Lingling says ,‘I will be a writer.I love books.’ Lucy says ,‘I like films. I’ll be a film star.’