3. Teach the new words.

4. Play the tape again. Have the students listen and say. After this, get the students to answer the following questions:

⑴Who met Daming at the airport? (Grandma and Simon)

⑵What did Daming see in New York? (Buildings, cards and people)

⑶What food did he want to try? (American food)

5. Complete activity 2 in SB. (Get the students to ask and answer in pairs)

6. Practise to pronounce 'wh' 'wr'.

7. Learn the song: It’s a big exciting world.

8. Complete exercise 1 in AB.


Practise the following sentences in pairs:

Where are you from?

Where are you going to go?

Where are you going to go there?

Where are you going to do there?


Module 10 Preparations

 Unit 2 I’m in New York now

 arrive Grandma mad Chinese food for me.


 flat I want to try American food.


 made I will write again soon.