Teaching content: Module 10 Preparations

Unit 2 I’m in New York now.

Teaching objectives:

1. Words: arrive taxi flat building made again

2. Sentences:

Grandma made Chinese food for me.

I want to try American food.

I will write again soon.

3. Practise to pronounce ‘wh’ ‘wr’.

4. Learn the song: It’s a big exciting world.

Teaching properties: cards tape-recorder pictures

Teaching procedures


1. Stick the pictures of unit 1 on the board. Have the students come to the front and mime the text of unit 1.

2. Say a sentence in the present tense and get the students say it in the past tense.


T: Daming goes to New York.

Ss: Daming went to New York.

T: Grandma meets Daming.

Ss: Gradma met Daming.

Teach the text:

1. Raise the picture of the Statue of Liberty and ask: What is it ? Where is it?”

Guide the students say: It’s the statue of Liberty. It’s in New York”.

T: Daming is in New York now. Let’s see who met him at the airport. What he saw in New York and What food he wanted to eat.

2. Play the tape. Have the students listen and underline the new words in books.