Step 3 Presentation and practice

1. Learn to sing the song “How are you?”

T: Let’s have a rest. Please listen to a song.

Ss: Yeah.

T: Listen again, sing after the tape.

2. Sing the song and pass the name card, Elicit new sentence (Who are you) to teach.

T: Let’s sing again. And pass the card.


T: (音乐停时)What’s your name?

S1: I’m…

T: Who are you?

S1:(教师引导拿卡的学生回答)I’m Zoom. (如此操练几次)

3. Practise “Who are you?”

T: (教师在课前给了每位学生一张名片卡,教具2)Let’s play again. Take out your name card. When the music stops, please ask “Who are you?”

4. Watch TV, learn “Let’s act”

CAI课件:Let’s act的动画

T: “Very well” means “fine”.

T: How are you?

Ss:( let Ss answer) Very well, thanks. How are you?

T: (很高兴)I’m fine, thank you.

T: Please practise in pairs.

Pairs work.

T: Now watch again, repeat after the tape.

Step 4 Consolidation

1. Team work.

T: Let’s act in teams. Use your hairdressers and masks. (教具5)


2. Act out. Ss wear masks.

T: Show me your masks. Which team has the most masks?(检查小组内米老鼠等面具数目,教具3。)

T: (非常惊喜,鼓掌)Wow, Purple team is the winner. Good job! Congratulations.(奖励贴纸,教具4。)

T: Now you can wear your mask, and play with the other teams. Exchange your smile face.(教具6)(学生迫不及待,跃跃欲试)


3. Task-based Teaching:Find your friends. Ss use the name cards. (教具2)

T: Now, let’s play a game. Please find the friends, their names as yours.

教师先讲清楚要求,看谁能找到所有和自己名片卡上的名字相同的朋友。必须用学过的Good morning! Hello! Hi! What’s your name? I’m… How are you? Who are you? Goodbye等句子和同学们交流,找到朋友后请互换笑脸(教具6)。

Step 5 Summary

数一数看谁获得的其他颜色的笑脸最多,谁就是今天的Super star。奖励贴纸(教具4),让他们在学习英语过程中体验成功,进一步树立学英语的自信。