Do you want to save money when you travel by train? Here are some ways:

Day Returns(returns 往返票)

This kind of ticket can save you 45% on the fare (money for tickets)。 You have to travel before 8:30 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, but you can travel at any time on Saturday or Sunday.

Big City Savers (savers 优惠票)

You can save much money with these tickets on some trains. You have to buy them at the latest by 16:00 the day before you travel.

Weekend Returns

You can use Weekend Returns for most journeys over 60 miles. Go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and return the same weekend on Saturday or Sunday, and you can save 35% on the fare.

Monthly Returns

You can use these tickets for most journeys over 65 miles. Go any day and return within(在……之内)a month. Monthly Returns can save you 25% on the fare.

Family Returns

You can get a card of Family Returns for £20 and then when you buy tickets later, you need to pay only £3 for each of the other family members (4 at most)(超不过4镑)。 You can travel as often as you like within two months.