Teaching objectives:

1. Listen and say new words: bus fare, notice. Understand the words: catch, left;

2. Use the sentence “ What can…do?”

3. Listen , understand and say the text.

Key points:

Master 4-skill words.

Difficult points:

Retell the text.

Teaching preparation:

Pictures, computer, word cards , tape

Teaching methods:

Direct method, games, audio-lingual method.

Teaching steps:

Step 1 Warming up

1. Greetings.

2. ing a song

3. ay a rhyme

Step 2 Presentation and drill

1. Show a picture T: Who are they? Ss: They’re Lingling and Anne. T: Where are they? Ss: They’re outside the school. Teach the word: notice

2. Write and teach the words bus fare, catch, enough, both, left and a sentence “ What can…do”

3. Listen and imitate Part B.

4. Games

1) Building block.

2) Act and say : What can I do?

Step 3 Fast reading and listening

1. Read Part A and answer: Will Lingling borrow some money from Anne? What will Lingling do?

2. Listen and read Part A.

Step 4 Intensive reading

1. Read Part A.

2. Complete Part C.

Step 5 Consolidations Copy the 4-skill phrases for 3 times. Read Part A.

Desig n of the blackboard: