C. Open the box for me. D. Open the book for me.

( ) 10. A. His telephone number is 68951765.

B. Her telephone number is 68851765.

C. His aunt’s telephone number is 68851765.

D. Her uncle’s telephone number is 68951765.


( ) 1. A. In the playground. B. In the shop. C. In the park. D. In the zoo.

( ) 2. A. A CD Walkman. B. A Japanese cartoons.

C. A VCD of Chinese cartoons. D. A cartoon.

( ) 3. A. Went to see his parents. B. Went to see his grandparents. C. Went to a farm. D. Went to a farm and a small town.

( ) 4. A. Sunny and hot. B. Cold and windy. C. Foggy and cool. D. Warm and rainy.