Step1.Warm- up

1. (师生问好)T: Hello!Hi! Good morning! Nice to meet you. S: Hello!Hi! Good morning! Nice to meet you. 2. Sing a song “Hi, Nancy!”(复习歌曲) 3.(将问候与歌结合在一起练习,教者边走向学生边与学生握手唱歌问好) T: Hi,***. S: Hi, Miss *. T: Good morning. Nice to meet you. S: Good morning. Nice to meet you,too. 4.Introduce family members. T: ( 手指投影仪上的照片)This is my fathermother sister brother grandfather grandmother friend. S: Take out the photos of their family.Introduce their family members to the classmate.(Work in pairs) S: (将照片拿上讲台介绍) Step2. Presentation and revision1.   Guess riddle.(由猜动物爱吃的食物引出水果类单词,既复习了旧知识,又导入新课) T: There is an animal.It’s brown.. It has a long hail.(作出一个猴的动作) S: (monkey) T: What’s its favourite fruit? S: (引导说banana) T: What’s your favourite food? S: (自由说) 2.T: Look at the screen.(出现水果,图下出现单词) 3.Learn to the new words. 4.Touch and guess. T: I have some fruits in my bag. I want one student to touch and guess. S: Gusee! T: 贴图片拼读 S: Pass the apple and say “apple ”one by one. (同法学习水果类单词) 5.出示单词首字母猜单词7.读出单词的复数读音 s .z..iz. 6.碰地雷游戏方法:在单词卡下面贴一张地雷图,学生读单词,认为有雷的同学不动,认为无雷的同学站起来读单词。教者翻开单词卡,错误的同学倒下表示被轰炸。 7.读出单词的复数读音 s .z..iz. Step3.Practice1.   Listen to the tape and repeat.Once: once listen        Twice: Listen and repeat 2.   Play a game: There’re some fruies on the desk.I want one student to taste them,then guess“What fruit is it?”and spell the word.If you are right,I’ll give you taste them.. Step4. Consodation头带头饰,自我介绍 S1: I’m an apple.I’m red. S2: This is an apple. It’s red. T: How nice!