4.Teach “ What time do you get up ?I get up at …”

(1) The way : Ask and answer . (2) Practice into pairs .

5. Teach “ breakfast-----have breakfast” (课件出现钟,早餐,人物)

The way : break—break---breakfast.  have breakfast, have breakfast ,

It’s time to have breakfast. (以你拍一,我拍一形式出现)

(1)What time do you have breakfast ? I have breakfast at…

The way : Ask and answer .

(2) Practice .

6: T: Do you want to know other friends’ situation? Let’s ask them loudly:

(多媒体呈现六位学生) Ss ask , then listen .

get up 6:20 have breakfast …What time do you go to school ?


have lunch

Chant : What time do you …? I …at … (先跟说后跟音乐说)

Step 5 Introduction

Show the teacher’s situation. (The way : Ask and answer )

Step 6 Do a survey

Ask some students to ask and answer .

Step 7 Introduce someone’s Day