There was a man in the State of Song who had an impatient disposition. Day and night he longed for the seedlings in the field to grow tall and strong quickly. But the seedlings grew very slowly,not as quickly as he hoped.


One day, he hit upon a good idea. He sneaked to the field andpulled each seedling up a little bit from the soil. Seeing that all these edlings in the field were taller than before, he felt very pleased with himself.


He went home. Though all worn out, he told the members of his family happily:


"I worked for a whole day today. How tired I am! But the seedlings in the field have grown a lot taller."


When his son heard that the seedlings had grown taller, he hurried to the field to take a look. Oh, what a mess!Instead of growing taller, the seedlings had all started to wither.