You might think you‘re a stickler for correct pronunciation, but there’s a few tricky words that continue to flummox the best of us。


From foodstufs such as Quinoa and sorbet to Dengue Fever, you won‘t be left red-faced again after taking the test。

从Quinoa(藜麦)、Sorbet(果汁冰糕)等食品到Dengue Fever(登革热,一种传染病),你做了这个测试后,就再也不会因为这些词而被搞得面红耳赤啦。

An often abused word is the strong Italian coffee you might drink when you‘re in need of a pick me up。 It it Esprexo, Asspresso, Expresso or Espresso?


The middle class staple quinoa can be a bit of a tongue twister that leaves you grappling over keen-wah, kween-noah, kween-wah or keen-noah。